Penn Treaty Park · May 5-6 · 8:30-5pm

Philadelphia VolleyBRAWL is an all new social doubles volleyball tournament organized by friends of the Philadelphia Volleyball community for both recreational and competitive volleyball playing friends in the area.

Saturday, May 5 – Sunday, May 6 · 8am – 5pm

Penn Treaty Park, 1301 N Beach St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Some rules may differ other commonly-used rule sets. Please make sure to read through the rules thoroughly before playing.

    • Side out scoring—points are only scored by the serving team.
    • To win a game, the first team to score 11 points—must win by two. Cap is 13. There is no cap in the play-offs.
    • Whenever a team fails in its service or fails to return the ball, or commits any other fault, the opposing team wins the rally, with one of the following consequences:
      • If the opposing team served, it scores a point and continues to serve.
      • If the opposing team received the service, it gains the right to serve, but not a point.
    • Any ball that triggers movement of the line will be considered "in"
    • No let serves. A let serve occurs when the delivered ball hits the top of the net, but still makes it to the opponent’s side.
    • The service toss may be dropped anywhere with no fault once per point. A subsequent drop of the service toss results in a loss of point for the serving team.
    • A team determined to be out of serving order will not be awarded the point and cause a re-do. Subsequent service order faults will result in a side out.
    • Players must serve behind the line
    • The courtesy rule is in effect for the coed BB & B levels, meaning the male may serve the female once every serving rotation (using 1/3 of the court as to not penalize serves down the middle). A second serve to the female results in a side out (service turn over).
    • Jump serves are not allowed in B levels meaning one foot must remain on the ground while serving. This includes jump floats.
    • Strict double contact calls will be made when the ball does not contact both hands simultaneously or when the ball rotates more than one and half times. This will be further known as a clean set.
    • Open-hand sets over the net are NEVER allowed.
    • You may NOT open hand receive a serve or a free ball. Open hand receive is only permitted on a hard driven ball/attack.
    • Open-hand receives where only the palms simultaneously contact the ball are allowed. An open-hand receive is to be considered a normal pass.
    • Open-hand setting is not permitted in B division. B division players may only bump set.
    • Blocking or deflecting the ball is okay. Redirecting the ball with fingertips (directional blocking) is not allowed
    • Screens are not allowed. The opponent may request a screening player move sideways or bend down.
    • Blocking does not count as part of the three touch play.
    • Any player contact with the net or poles will result in the opposing team winning the rally in a side-out scoring. Touching the guy wires is allowed.
    • Poles are considered antennas for the purposes of determining whether a ball crossed over the net within the playing area.
    • Any equipment issues with the net or court results in an immediate re-do of the point. A player may not purposely cause such an issue.
    • Players may cross under the net provided that they do not interfere with the play.
    • A time-out is a regular set interruption and it lasts for 1 minute.
    • Each team is entitled to a maximum of two time-outs per game.
    • Time-outs may be requested by the players only when the ball is out of play and before the whistle or service contact, by showing the time-out hand signal. Time-outs may follow one another with no need to resume the set. The players must have authorization from referees to leave the playing area.
    • Open-hand tips/dinks are not permitted. Swings, knuckle pokes, and bumps are allowed.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or disrespect by anyone may cause the person to be disqualified from a game, a set, the tournament, or may be asked to leave the event without a refund.
    • Court Switches - Teams switches court after every 4 points in game to 11.

CRUSH Volley & Pottstown Rumble were the source of these rules.

Sitting teams will provide at least one player to officiate. In the playoffs, the losing team will provide an official for the next round.

Teams may ask for officials to clarify a rule, but the official's call will stand. Any disputes should be brought to the event organizers.

Matches will start on-time according to the schedule. After a 2-minute courtesy, there is a 1 point penalty per minute. After 10 minutes, the first game will be forfeit. After 20 minutes the match will be forfeit. Matches will not exceed the scheduled end-time.